Early one morning in 2016, the bluegrass musician from the “Bluegrass State” of Kentucky Dale Ann Bradley started getting text messages of congratulations. Having asked a friend what the congratulations were for, she sipped her coffee just as the reply of her Grammy nomination came through. She reportedly spewed her coffee all over herself and then burst into tears. The tears were of joy and excitement over the nomination instead of the hot coffee that may have burned her or ruined her outfit.

Her latest project on Pinecastle Records is called Dale Ann Bradley. Two years past her highly praised Grammy nominated project Pocket Full of Keys was released, Dale Ann is back with a follow-up project that is self- titled. Since she felt there really wasn’t one song that depicted the whole of the album, she decided this would be her way of saying “Hi” to her many current as well as future listeners. After listening to Dale Ann Bradley, one is struck by the overwhelming nod to days past. Nostalgic lyrics to songs with memorable tunes make this an immediate favorite.

Pocket Full of Keys marked the first self-produced project of Dale Ann’s lengthy career. That magical formula is replicated for Dale Ann Bradley and replicated quite successfully. Dale Ann strives to keep encouraging messages in her songs and continues to as she says, “tell the story the story of the people as well as her own,” however, “Every production is a new one.” As evidenced on this new project, it seems that in the case of Dale Ann’s role as producer, practice makes perfect.

Recently nominated for what would be her sixth IBMA “Female Vocalist of the Year award,” this newest offering continues the tradition with songs like “Southern Memories.” While not specifically autobiographical, Dale Ann calls it “very true for so many in my childhood community. I never hopped a train,” she said, “but I thought about it.” On “I’ll Just Go Away,” she is joined by long-time friend Vince Gill for a soul-wrenching duet. The addition of Gill just scratches the surface of the many excellent musicians included in these tracks. Of particular note are Tina Adair and Deanie Richardson, who along with Dale Ann, Gena Britt, and Beth Lawrence, comprise 2017 IBMA nominee for Emerging Artist, Sister Sadie.

Grab Dale Ann’s latest release – just remember that Bradley is part of the title. It listens like a pleasant bluegrass evening in Kentucky.



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